Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation

Access to needed health care for the most vulnerable and underserved families of Ventura County.

Collateral Material / Website


Audience: Families

Recognition: Addy Award Winner

Online: vcmrf.org

The Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation (VCMRF) is a nonprofit that delivers the kindness and compassion of others by providing much needed health care to their local community. Because their services are so vital, we created a website that delivers its core message and objectives with an aesthetically pleasing and functional design. The ability to seamlessly navigate the site was essential for the organization, which is why a responsive approach was incorporated–the capability to render all web pages to fit any device, with any screen size.  As a nonprofit, it is imperative for donors to quickly find the easiest way to contribute to the Donation page; for this reason, the donation button was strategically placed above the fold on all pages. Influenced by their charitable work and compelling desire, our work and partnership with VCMRF garnered an ADDY award for their website.